Please call for a quote on all options:

Cash Bar

We come to your event with “Johnny” VW bar. We organise the licence for you and will liaise with you the perfect menu. Your guests simply pay for the drinks from an agreed price list. (This option comes with a minimum spend)

Pre-paid bar

Similar to cash bar except you can put a set amount of money behind the bar to provide your guests with complimentary drinks. Once this set amount runs out then transfer to being a paying bar again. (This option comes with a minimum spend)

Price per head

We charge a fixed price per head, come fully stocked with a drinks menu of your choice which can include a range of drinks including welcome drink or wine with a meal.

Dry hire

If you would simply like to have the bar there but you supply your own drinks. We can supply the glassware and staff.

Note: We require minimum of 14 days to arrange licensing. We normally require a minimum spend commitment from the organiser. If the guests exceed the minimum spend there is no extra costs, if not the organiser covers the difference. Min spend is normally £1,250.00.

For all options:

We bring “Johnny” the 1970 iconic and unique single cab pick up bar with all the necessary bar equipment, lighting, background music and 6 x 3m cover if needed. Arrival is 4 hours before to allow all beers to settle. We dispose of all our bar rubbish and recycle where possible. No charge for travel within a 30 mile radius.

Mobile bar without the VW.

If there is a space issue then we can set up one of our bespoke bars, inside or outside, to keep the Wagonkered experience.